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  • Sugar Cane
    11oz. Blue Denim Work Coat Aged 
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    HINOYA Co.,Ltd


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    • Nothing earth shattering overall (denim on denim with white tee) but my dude's fit here really resonated with me lately  
    • I posted a while back (looked and it was in January! Doesn’t seem like that long ago…) that I found a minimally worn Liberty CPO on eBay that was missing a button. I finally got around to making and attaching a new one today. Used a deer antler shed I found while hiking, which seemed true to the spirit of the shirt. Realized that I don’t have a great selection of hand tools for working on stuff that size. Probably would’ve been quicker if so but still only took 1.5 hrs or so. Went back and forth on how many holes to make for attachment- two seemed too few and four had me worried it would weaken the antler too much. I decided on three. When do you ever see a three holed button?  Plus just read a book about SEALS and the trident pin. Some procedurals and the final product(not quite in the correct order):  
    • Runabout Starborn
      Runabout denim chinos
      RW 10877
    • Thanks everyone. The Osees were fantastic! (and very very loud!)   Had to change into my eyeball tee (I love visual puns) for the show.  P.S. The boots didn't hurt too much!   
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