superstreams of superstuff authored by super global shopping experts. welcome world citizens to supertalk 6 the bvlgari of public message boards. over 3000000 posts since 2003. ok... sure a few were bumps... but it's still of lot. over 13 continuous years and we are still clicking.

this should easily be the most technically advanced and stable version of supertalk yet. it's certainly the most functional and finally responsive – which should make the ux super smooth. we are working within the confines of a totally re-engineered software framework so have kept customization to a minimum while attempting to create the cleanest design possible. that said, every upgrade so far has still managed to cause a riot so who knows. no doubt the new font will once again be 'burning the retina' of numerous sufu members eyeballs.

the bigger question is if old school public message boards like supertalk can maintain traction in generation #pinstasnapfacedit. the big advantage is that they revolve around shared interests as opposed to shared everything - so should continue to be the best spaces for topic focussed group discussions. they also have accumulated and searchable history providing encyclopedic amounts of data. it then comes down to relevance and usability – and obviously the continued support of members and sponsors!

anyway here's some screenshots to remind everyone what the previous clunky retro-tech versions that got us to this point looked like.

01 2017



  1. supershopper

    for global shopping experts. hot brands, new labels, fancy designers, nifty products, supersales, general gossip and crucial intelligence. WAYWT, what are you wearing today, recent purchases, yes or no, this or that. yep. decisions decisions.

  2. superdenim

    denim addicts. denim experts. denim culture. 

  3. supertechwear

    waywt 2024

  4. superculture

    progressive and assorted creative culture. art, design, architecture, music, photography, cinema, television, video, graphics, graffiti, advanced typography, textiles, knitting, crochet, macrame, pottery, jewelry, tattoos, literature, and a detailed inventory of what you are carrying in your pocket.

  5. superfashion

    collections, paris, milan, london, new york, tokyo. fashion week, superbrands, superstylists, supermodels, superbloggers, hair and makeup. eau de cologne, tranny runway, backstage bitchfests, fashion victims, karl, plastic surgery. ad campaigns, magazines, vacuous waffle, lifestyles of the permatanned and fabulous.

  6. superjetset

    traveling? exotic vacation? need the lowdown from local sufu residents? best hotels, worst airports, good shopping zones, spectacular shops, sharp galleries, restaurants, bars, clubs, events. travel tips and horror stories from tokyo to tashkent. 

    superjetset was the first discussion board on supertalk back in 2003, relating to the travel editorial sections of superfuture. superjetset is a public forum and content is not necessarily the opinion nor advice of superfuture. for our city guides maps and concierge services, please visit the main superfuture site.

  7. supermarket

    buy and sell anything at the supertalk supermarket. clothes, shoes, animals, aircraft. watch out for scammers and follow our rules or the supermods will spit fire and poison on you. this forum is for selling personal products only. for businesses wanting to sell or advertise products please contact promo [at] and we will sort you out.

  8. superseller

    subscription premium supermarket. anyone can reply and post but only superseller subscribers can start threads. buy and sell. smooth and tidy. bump managed and spacious.

  9. supertech

    supernerds of the superfuture. chips and ram. bots and drones. ai and genetically modified cornflakes.  

  10. superblurber

    let every other global shopping expert on the planet know about your upcoming event, party, art exhibition, hip hop performance, catwalk appearance, x-factor audition, karaoke night, orgy, job vacancy or garage sale. superpublic listings from bogota to vladivostok.

  11. superpersonal

    meetups, supermates and superdates. chowdowns to hookups. arranged marriages, apartment shares, personal etiquette, personal hygiene, personals. health, medical conditions, hypochondria, divorce, the zodiac, births, funerals and obituaries. straight, gay, warped. weird.

  12. supertrash

    junk threads and rants of the superbored. next level shit, awesome gifs and sickeningly cute things. philosophy. the universe. black holes. enter and post at your own risk. be aware that any threads or posts with malicious content in the form of homophobic, racist, religious or sexist comments will not be tolerated.

  13. superlists

    relay to the world your top 10 list of anything. top cities, top shops, top designers, top airline meals, top door handles, toilets, toasters, porn stars, vacuum cleaners.

  14. superofficial

    announcements, suggestions, complaints, rules, riots, random questions, wish lists, whinging and whining.