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Posted 08 October 2004 - 07:40 AM

anyway as usual you need a PhD in information dissemination and retreival to figure out the party schedule for the next 5 days...
its a BLUR already and it only started last night!?
well this is what i can tell you so far----+ >

1. go and check the LED furniture video installation by LAUR MEYREIUX and VIRGINIE LAVEY at FRAPBOIS in Minami-aoyama. this is the best thing i have seen in years. i absolutely need to buy one... [LAUR pleessssse!!!!!] ill try and post a pic so you know what the fuck im talking about..
2. twinkle twinkle lighting exhibit bu UK designers at laforet is kind of interesting
3. surf shmurf revolution... australian surfboard exhibit at spiral is interesting if you are into it... a ripper collection of surboards spanning 50 years.
4. survived an 5.8 richter earthquake while squished in the basement at super-deluxe on wednesday night....eeek.

tonight -- friday -- i think we are starting at EXREALM... then ending up at a whole bunch of places i cant remember!? ... tommorow night -- E&Y... Cîbone...

but if you want a really great new site to help sort you out check http://www.tokyoartbeat.com/ which has basically done what i was planning on doing but they did it better!... also keep checking http://www.jeansnow.net for blogs....

by the way SUPERFUTURE again produced all the maps for TOKYO / OSAKA / KYOTO DESIGNERS WEEK catalogs...

we also just had our very FIRST batch of SUPERFUTURE t-shirts -- made in collaboration with LOOPWHEELER http://www.loopwheeler.co.jp here in tokyo - delivered and will be on sale on the site soon. let us know if you want one and are in tokyo -- i am carrying some around tonite... and if you tell me you saw this post i might even give you a free one?!!

im going to try and take camera and shnaps if i dont get too trashed tonite.. and post them on this thread...
thats all...

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#2 Jean Snow

Jean Snow


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Posted 08 October 2004 - 04:36 PM

SUPERFUTURE t-shirts! Holy fuck! I NEED one!

I had a great time with Jesper tonight. Checked out a few things in Daikanyama, dropped by at a few parties (mostly Swedish Style stuff), and ended up at Office in Aoyama. I just hope that the weather gets better tomorrow...
Jean Snow
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Posted 08 October 2004 - 11:55 PM

damn i've got to get my shit together and move there already! i'm sad i missed this by a week...:(
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