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Renewal: $300.00 Monthly

you get a dedicated thread on supertalk that can also be used to promote your brand and products.

interact directly with supertalk members.
your thread can be pinned to the top of selected forum lists [ie. superdenim, supershopper, etc]
supersponsors automatically get supermember status privileges including:

you can hide own posts
you can upload images to posts instead of linking them
you can upload and post images in gallery
you can create a blog
you can have attachments in PMs
you can upload images to PMs
you have status update ability
you can have a [480 x 30 pixel] image in signatures
you can make and read reputation comments
supersponsor status icon

supersponsors get a complimentary [145 x 65 pixel] superad advertisement
on the right hand sidebar on all topic pages.

please note:
01 you must have a 145 x 65 pixel graphic available when purchasing so you can upload it.
[gif, jpeg, png, no animated gifs]
02 all superads are subject to approval.
03 we will contact you within 72 hours after you have made your purchase and set up your sponsored thread and superad.

if you do not have a member account on supertalk but just want to advertise your brand or products to supertalk members. we recommend you purchase our advertising only option superad package or contact advertising@superfuture.com for more details of all our advertising promotion and campaign options.