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supermember [+] superseller


become a supertalk supermember [+] superseller

$US 30 1 year
$US 20 6 months

get added privileges over free members

you can hide own posts
you can delete your own posts

you can upload images to posts instead of linking them
you can have attachments in PMs
you can upload images to PMs
you have status update ability
you can have [480 x 30 pixel] image in signatures

you can have logos in avatars
you can upload and post images in gallery
you can create a blog

you can make and read reputation comments
you can start and post threads in the NEW premium forum supermarket - superseller


note that premium supersellers will still be subjected to moderation and need to follow the rules or will be banned without refund. moderators are members of supertalk just like you and have full autonomy on laying down the law. please read the rules HERE

plus more!

// launch promotion //
1 free superfuture pdf city superguide [worth $US20] for first 100 purchasers who buy 1 year subscription to
supermember [+] superseller combo group. [cost $US30].
choose your city !! // you can redeem once any time over 12 month.
// new privileges //
1 you can make and read reputation comments [from november 2013]
2 all supermember [+] supersellers will be issued with a supercard [from may 2014]

full details of package